FramerFunnels: Your Independent Enhancement Tool for Framer

At FramerFunnels, we are dedicated to enriching your experience on Our platform is designed as a third-party tool to add powerful features like funnel building, memberships, forms, checkouts, upsells, and downsells, specifically tailored for users of

Important Distinctions:

  • Third-Party Software: FramerFunnels is independently developed and operated. We are not affiliated with, associated with, endorsed by, or officially connected to Framer B.V. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

  • Mandatory Use: To utilize the full benefits of FramerFunnels, users must have an active account and projects on Our tool acts as a plugin, enhancing your existing Framer platform.

  • Independent Operation: While FramerFunnels is designed to complement and enhance, our operations and services are distinct and separate from Framer B.V.

  • User Responsibility: Users of FramerFunnels are responsible for ensuring their use of complies with the Terms of Service of Framer B.V.

We are excited to offer you an enhanced experience with through FramerFunnels!